Keynote Topics

Stories about habits + their power to improve business performance


Building a high-performance company

Discover what it takes to create a performance culture; specifically, how to engage your team, retain your top talent and improve the health, happiness and security of your employees. I'll present the business case and methodology for becoming an employer of choice, built on 10+ years of actuarial research in employee engagement and performance.

The business case for healthy employees

Healthy employees out-perform unhealthy employees by up to 5 times. I'll explain why the real benefits of a healthy workforce go far beyond lowering health care costs and provides an overview of the math of health and productivity. This fascinating information is mostly unknown, yet critically important in setting company strategy.


What it really takes to create new habits

For employees, practicing good habits is hard, even when they know what they are. I'll reveal what it really takes to change a habit and illustrate the surprisingly large impact of other people's choices on our own habits. I'll also show how flaws in workplace design can make being healthy at work almost impossible.                        

Happiness at work

Who doesn't want happy employees? I'll present the business case for companies having a specific employee happiness strategy by showing how happiness leads to higher productivity, lower healthcare costs and myriad other benefits. What's most surprising however, is what really makes employees happy. 


Why corporate wellness programs fail people and companies

I'll expose wellness myths by explaining how HRAs and biometric screenings can be harmful, why education-based wellness programs fail, why a lack of motivation does not explain low program participation rates and how work makes us sick. I'll also explain how to ensure high, sustained and effective participation in wellness programs at work.


Designing incentive programs that actually work

Offering rewards, incentives and perks in an attempt to drive performance is so common that few people ever question if they actually work. I'll share the psychology behind why incentives often backfire and explain how to use them in a way that works, giving you real food for thought about building a recognition and reward strategy that performs as advertised.  


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