People leave Andrew’s talks energized, sharing what they’ve learned, feeling smarter than when they arrived, and hungry for more.

"Andrew Sykes brings infectious commitment, unparalleled knowledge, and passion to audiences about Worksite Wellbeing. His speaking style is not only personal and engaging but direct and humorous.  He captivates everyone from the C-Suite to the front-line HR and Benefits teams.  Andrew has worked with us in Alaska for nearly three years and we continue to fill the room at every session."

Lynn Rust Henderson
Vice President Sales + Service, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska


"Presentations like yours come around perhaps once or twice in a career...The highest compliment a group can offer a speaker is the collective decision to invite that speaker back to speak to their management teams... on their dime. When it happens, we know we have touched a nerved in the CEO community as a whole. In our case, we decided immediately after your presentation to invite you to return. Your work has the potential to be transformational."

Dennis J. Ellmaurer
Chairman, The Executive Committee

He has an uncanny ability to empower each of us to visually see a brighter future...

"I am just getting back to my desk now and I wanted to say that you did such a wonderful job and I am thankful that I was lucky enough to have called you... Everyone was raving about both of your sessions. You are a fabulous speaker and I hope you will not mind if I call you again for future sessions. We owe you a big thank you for making it a great meeting. I am not sure who referred you to me, but whoever that was I am grateful for as well."

Kristi Bohn
Benefit Consultant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota


"On behalf of the Society of Actuaries, we extend a sincere thank you for your contribution to the Health Meeting. We appreciate the time and effort you put into this program to make it a successful educational experience for the participants. It is volunteers like you who help actuaries, and the actuarial profession, continue to grow in new and important directions. We appreciate you giving so freely of your time and talents."

Donald J. Segal
President, Society of Actuaries

"Because Andrew is so progressive and provocative, his talks always create an epiphany or an 'aha' moment. He may introduce a concept that seems counter-intuitive at first, and as he supports and justifies his thoughts, I find myself thinking: 'Wow…I never thought of it that way.' That makes his talks especially stimulating – there’s never a single person thinking, 'Yeah – I already knew that.' People leave Andrew’s talks energized, sharing what they’ve learned, feeling smarter than when they arrived, and hungry for more.”

Danna Korn  
Co-Founder/CEO, Sonic Boom Wellness

Presentations like yours come around perhaps once or twice in a career...

"Andrew has a unique gift of storytelling and connecting with his audience in a way that gets to the heart of what is worth doing in wellness. Andrew’s work with BRATLAB research lends credibility to the discussion and allows clients to better appreciate the science behind wellness. Andrew has a passionate approach to leading clients down the wellness path to truly partner with the client to impact their organization and improve the health of their employees, through proper habit creation. Employers often state that they want to become 'an employer of choice.' Our partnership with Andrew has allowed us to customize a vision, mission and scorecard to help position our clients to meet the goal of becoming an employer of choice."

Jeffrey A. Yoos
Executive Vice President, Neovia Integrated Insurance


"Andrew captures the essence of command over the topics he presents - his ability to stand for individuals in the future that they can create for themselves is unique and rare. He has an uncanny ability to empower each of us to visually see a brighter future and he challenges us to be the best version of ourselves and the companies we serve."

Ken Sloan
Vice President of Sales, The Vitality Group


"The stand out speaker at our conference this year was, by far and away, Andrew Sykes. In fact I can quite honestly attest to never having been as impressed with any other speaker at any conference, ever…Andrew’s understanding of the topic at hand was never questionable as his research and publication reputation preceded him…Andrew is a charming and accomplished orator who is extremely well practiced in the art of understanding his audience and matching his presentation and content accordingly. He has the ability to stretch the attention span of despondent delegates and is able to close the most nested of loops with admirable elegance and simplicity. Andrew has that rare talent of ensconcing any group, large or small, and pulling them into his presentation in a manner that ignores uncomfortable seats and passing time. Seminars, Conferences, Public Speaking, Presentations and Andrew Sykes – these should, by all rights, be synonymous."

Tyrone Farinha
Chairman, Eluleka Consulting