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"Because Andrew is so progressive and provocative, his talks always create an epiphany or an 'aha' moment. People leave Andrew’s talks energized, sharing what they’ve learned, feeling smarter than when they arrived, and hungry for more.”

Danna Korn  
Co-Founder/CEO, Sonic Boom Wellness



"Andrew Sykes brings infectious commitment, unparalleled knowledge, and passion to audiences.”

Lynn Rust Henderson
Vice President Sales + Service, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska



"Andrew has a unique gift of storytelling and connecting with his audience.”

Jeffrey A. Yoos
Executive Vice President, Neovia Integrated Insurance



"Presentations like Andrew’s come around perhaps once or twice in a career...The highest compliment a group can offer a speaker is the collective decision to invite that speaker back to speak to their management teams... on their dime. When it happens, we know we have touched a nerved in the CEO community as a whole. In our case, we decided immediately after Andrew’s presentation to invite him to return. His work has the potential to be transformational."

Dennis J. Ellmaurer
Chairman, The Executive Committee


He has an uncanny ability to empower each of us to visually see a brighter future and he challenges us to be the best version of ourselves and the companies we serve."

Ken Sloan
Vice President of Sales, The Vitality Group


"Everyone was raving about Andrew’s sessions.”

Kristi Bohn
Benefit Consultant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota


"The stand out speaker at our conference this year was, by far and away, Andrew Sykes. 

Andrew is a charming and accomplished orator who is extremely well practiced in the art of understanding his audience and matching his presentation and content accordingly.

Tyrone Farinha
Chairman, Eluleka Consulting