If you’ve met Craig Wortmann, you’re likely to say, “I love that guy.” If you’ve taken his MBA classes or sales training courses, you’re likely to say, “I learned so much from that guy and I love him.” I’ve done both, and say both of those things all the time. I’ve also seen him in action helping us build and tune our sales engine and here are some of the things I learned:

  1. The high art of sales is not lost. It is alive and well, and the master of the craft is Craig.

  2. There has never been, and I hope there never will be, something more impressive than a man with immaculate manners. For me, manners are simply the habits that show respect, kindness, and care, and also demonstrate that someone is trustworthy. Craig has ‘old school’ manners adapted for the modern world. Said differently, he’s the kind of guy you’d want to send your kid to for ‘finishing school’.

  3. Humility attracts amazing people. Although Craig is often the smartest person in the room, and always the smartest person in a sales setting, he is humble in his approach. As a result, has some amazing people around him. To name just two: Vanna Logothetis, who made our work with Sales Engine proceed quickly and flawlessly. I’m not surprised they work so well together, as she shares Craig’s warmth and charm. Jill Mullen, who ensures the sales training courses and operations of your business run so smoothly.

Today's VIAL (VERY INTENTIONAL ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF LOVE) goes to Craig for his friendship and kindness outside of our formal working relationship(s).

Every time we meet (not often enough) I leave feeling great about myself and my life in general, and excited about what Craig is up to and the possibilities of our own business. As a student of the art of selling myself, I became jaded after reviewing and auditing hundreds of books and courses over the years. So, it is especially refreshing to be pleasantly surprised to learn something new in this area. When I meet with Craig, I generally take away five or more new ideas!

Craig and Vanna, thanks for being great friends to me personally, and to our business. The work you do for companies and for students at Kellogg inspires us. And, of course, we’d have never have found Tia if we had not known you and she has become a central and core part of the Habits at Work team.

I hope you continue to help companies build and tune their Sales Engines for years to come.