Think of the funniest person you know personally, and what they add to your life. Now triple that and you have an idea what it’s like to be around and work with Chris Moreno.

We met when he was just fresh out of college and bravely arrived in South Africa to work as a salesperson for my company. After three years, he returned home having acquired some of our largest clients, McDonald’s, amongst others, and having won our highest award for Star Employees. 

So, when I moved to Dallas and was looking for a co-founder in what became Health at Work, he’s the person I called. In reality, I moved to Dallas so that I could work with Chris. He’d already been back in the US for several years, and I knew he was doing great work. I'm always amazed that he was willing to give that up to take a risk on building a new business from the ground up. For a couple of years, we’d sit in our little dark, rented office, hitting the phones and plotting to take over the world (of wellness). I don't think I’ve ever laughed more, or harder, than in those years.

Chris has the kind of smile that makes everyone around him smile back, a showman’s touch for telling a story, and a memory for the detail that is encyclopedic. It’s no wonder he is the top salesperson and consultant wherever he works.  I know both the Lockton family and business in Texas are thrilled to have him.

Chris, we always tease each other, joke around, share lots of great memories!  We only chat occasionally (much less that I would prefer), but I hope you know how pivotal your contribution has been to Habits at Work and to my life as a whole.


Whenever I’m feeling depressed, I call one of two Morenos. Either Chris, or Angel. Angel is Chris’ dad and the reason Chris and I met. Angel is the most polished and practiced speaker I’ve ever encountered. His discipline in speaking, in life and in work reminds me so much of the great golfer, Gary Player. I’ve never met that legend, but I imagine he’s very similar to Angel, especially judging by the many people who adore and speak so fondly of him.

Angel, you are the reason why my adventure to Brazil did not end in disaster. You’re the reason why our business in America even came to be. You’re the reason why Chris and I are great friends today. That’s just three of many ways you’ve added to my life. I love spending time with you, and learning more Portuguese words each time we have the chance. You and Joyce have become like family to me. When (and if!) I ever grow up I aspire to become more like you!