Marc Sola is hard to track down.  He’s probably on a plane, or in some exotic location, helping people to protect and grow their wealth and assets, having a life adventure or all of those at the same time.

Some of the best memories I have in life are time spent with Marc: canyoning down a river from source to mouth in Switzerland and Italy (and getting my passport stolen along the way); surviving our misadventures in the amazon with a shaman and the grueling four-day hike that he made us do in three days; motorbike rides through the Swiss Alps and the adventures in South Africa. You might think I live a very interesting life from reading this post, but it’s mostly only when I’m in Marc’s company.

Marc brings adventure, laughter and love to my life, and I’ve yet to find someone that doesn’t like him or that would argue against the idea that he’s a great candidate for “The World’s Most Interesting Man”.  

When Marc started what is now 1291 it was hard to predict what it would become. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how it has grown, but unsurprising given how Marc goes about things. I’ve seen him speak to a room full of lawyers and keep them off their cellphones (high praise for a speaker) then handle the most technical tax and legal questions with billion-dollar client investments, and an hour later be playful and fun with his beautiful kids and wonderful wife. That’s what State Management is all about. I love watching 1291 grow around the world, continue to innovate and set the standard for wealth management and asset protection.

I know he’ll be in my life for a long time, and that we’ll always be friends and continue to to help each other in business and in life. What more could you ask for in a friend, business leader and mentor? Marc, thank you for all the life adventures past and to come. My only wish is that we could spend more time together.