Ari and I met through an introduction from my good friend Jac Joubert. Jac, apart from valuing you as a friend, this is one of the things for which I will long be grateful.

Ari and I became business associates when we worked on a project together at his previous business Engaged Health Solutions, and he’s since become my personal physician, health and life coach, business mentor and the kind of friend that will yell at you if you don’t call for help when you need it (instead of being secretly glad that you didn’t).

Ari, what you’ve built in so short a time at SHIFT is remarkable and your talent for picking a team of people bubbling with enthusiasm and that get stuff done is a lesson in team building. I’m so gratified to see the membership at SHIFT growing so quickly and to hear stories of the hundreds of families you’re now helping in Chicago and soon, I’m sure, around the country.


Thanks for having my back when it comes to my health and health habits, as well as my happiness and family. I continue to learn from you, and the people you’ve introduced me to have impacted our business. Aaron Levy was an accelerant for Habits at Work and is now doing great work for the relationship between leaders and Millennials at Raise the Bar. Craig Wortmann taught me more about selling, in a shorter period of time, than the MANY sales trainers and thought leaders with whom I’ve invested time over the years.

I am  glad to have met and made friends with many of the people that work there. Amaya Ortiz-Nguyen, from the days we met at Engaged Health to now, you’ve always been the most helpful and my favorite person. Lisa Magnuson, owner of the world’s biggest and warmest smile, thanks for letting me be member number one! I treasure that privilege. Marc Greitens, Justin Bomkamp, Tavierney Rogan, Eric Hughes, Kelly Briody, Sara Snow and Jeff Davis, thanks for taking care of me and for always being fun to talk to and spend time with.

I’m looking forward to many more years of friendship and to SHIFT becoming the standard for health habits and care for millions of people. To your team at SHIFT, thanks for your tireless effort at getting your first and toughest customer into shape. If your solution works for me (and it will), the rest of the world is easy! If you’re not already a member of SHIFT, you live in Chicago AND you care about your health, go visit them and become a member.