Today I want to celebrate Vistage and the many people I’ve met, worked with and learned from by being a speaker for and now a member.

Phil Hauck invited me to speak to his group before I’d ever heard of Vistage (or The Executive Committee as it was called in Wisconsin in those days) and has been a mentor, friend and active supporter of our business every since. Thanks for always being generous and thoughtful with your feedback and advice.

Habits at Work Performance Office Space

More recently, I met my Vistage Chair, speaking coach, good friend and the powerhouse that is Mikki Williams. If you’ve never seen Mikki speak, make a point to do so. I spent years looking for the “best speakers in the world” to watch and to learn from. Little did I know that the top of the pile lived up the road from me in Chicago. I’ve learned more about professional speaking in the few months since we’ve met than I have in the last 20 years, which is both a joy to me and more than a little frustrating (where were you 20 years ago?!)

Chuck Andrews, Mike Lauesen and many chairs in Wisconsin and elsewhere have invited me to speak to their groups and I’m grateful for the faith you have in our message and the support you’ve given me as one of the new speakers in the Vistage family. Chuck, I loved having your group be the first to host their monthly meeting in our “performance office space”, and I hope many more Chicago Chairs take up our offer to do the same.

Last but certainly not least, Bette Schumacher has been kind, helpful and has made the process of learning the ins and outs of Vistage speaking easy and rewarding. Thanks for all the behind the scenes work that you do every day.

I’m looking forward to meeting many new chairs and growing my Vistage family of friends. I was just in Anchorage with Bobbie Sue and Rick Wolk (the only Vistage Chair in Alaska, I believe) and with their warmth and generosity they reminded me why Vistage is more than a professional network for CEOs, but is and I hope continues to be, a global family for people.

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