There are people in life who are natural connectors. As someone who has to work very hard at it, I’m especially impressed with the people who connect like masters, and make it look so easy. Mimi Bosika is one of them.

We first met in the back row while taking a course we were both very skeptical about. Soon after, we became close friends and business allies. Mimi runs Delos Therapy, and they’ve not only helped thousands in Chicago manage pain, but remain my go-to respite whenever something in my body seems to be falling apart (aging, damn you!).


Mimi also runs a Women in Wellness group, through which I’ve met many amazing and inspiring ladies who are changing the face of wellness in Chicago and around the country. There are not many people I know that Mimi doesn’t already know, but if you’re one them, you should meet her right away. I guarantee she will make an immediate impact on your life and your professional career.

Mimi, thanks for being a generous business partner, a loyal friend and a more than patient ear to listen to my whining and complaining during moments of frustration and when I'm feeling sorry for myself. It’s not a job anyone should endure, but you do so with charm and grace, and always leave me cheered up. Your business partner Erik and your team at Delos are lucky to have you, and so are we! Even though your “official” role is simply advisor and friend, the impact you have goes far beyond.

If you live in Chicago and your body or muscles are ever in pain, find Delos!

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