Ken Sloan, you were brave enough (or dumb enough as we used to joke) to join me in founding Health at Work 2.0 in Chicago in 2007.

With not much runway and no products to speak of, we took our knowledge and BRATLAB research and we hit the streets….and then they hit us back!

Ken, your persistence, endlessly good nature and loving kindness to me and my family kept us going through some pretty rough early days. I still tell the story of the work that we did together at Douglas County School District, which remains one of the most fun projects I’ve been involved with in the last decade. What I don’t always acknowledge is that it was you that made that possible. With no income and no business yet landed, you courageously moved your family to Denver to seek a new life and, along the way, found us one of our first big clients. Today, Colorado remains one of our most active markets thanks to your pioneering efforts. Even though we’ve not worked together for some years, it still makes my day when I hear from you and on the all-too-rare occasions that we hang out with Eileen and your amazing daughters and laugh all night doing our foreign accents. As is so often the case with good friends, you’ve also introduced me to others that have become advisors and friends. Thank you.

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