Greg Solomon, I met you when we were both teenagers with silly haircuts that we thought were “too cool for school”.

We became friends the day we started our degree in actuarial science and have been great friends ever since. You are one of the brightest men I’ve ever met; you inspired me to work harder and longer at Uni, and despite the competitive environment, you were always generous with your knowledge, inside insights and novel ways of seeing the world of mathematics and life. You were also my connection to Swiss Re and to the team that became my partners in NMG C&A South Africa, and so in a very profound way you changed the course of my career and life. I admire you being for what I call a “real actuary”, something I think I never came close to being. More so, I admire you for being a life adventurer, bio-hacker extraordinaire, accomplished professional speaker and now as the kind of dad that your girls will treasure, learn from and have a lot of fun growing up with. I still feel dumb when I’m around you. I learn more in our occasional 30-minute chats than in most months of self-study, and I am grateful that you always remember birthdays and special occasions, especially knowing that I often don’t. I know many people hold you in similar high-esteem. Hong Kong and Willis Re are lucky to have you, my friend. Thanks for nearly 30 years of friendship, and here’s to at least another 30 if you figure out how to hack our longevity.

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