A few years ago, we did some work with the top rated grocery store in the US, Wegmans. They do Rochester proud, and I know they are universally the favorite store in the North East.

This is no surprise because they do amazing things for their customers; but we learned that they’re able to scale this because of their deep commitment to the lives of their employees. Many company leaders say that their employees are like family, and at Wegmans, this is perhaps more true than at any other company. During the time we worked with them, I witnessed countless examples of employees' lives changing because of their relationship with their employer.

My VIAL goes to a couple of people from the Wegmans team that worked with us directly: Ted Dennee, Becky Lyons and Anne Meath.

I’m always grateful to clients for working with us (of course, that’s how we pay our bills), but not all clients treat vendors with the level of warmth, love and kindness that this team showed us. Make no mistake, the stakes of the project were high and the seriousness of how they managed our work together was always evident; yet in all our dealings, it felt like we were talking with old friends who could be very honest with each other.

I believe that the way Ted, Becky and Anne treated us is mirrored in the way that all Wegmans employees are treated. So, it’s not surprise that they continue to be rated as the best place to work, and that their customers LOOOOVE visiting their stores. Who wouldn’t want to be served by people that are happy, healthy and feel supported by their leaders?

To Ted, Becky and Anne: Thank you for the way you worked with us. To Wegmans: Thanks for being the kind of company that proves loving leadership, transformed into ‘love in action’ for employees, is not mutually exclusive from having a thriving and profitable business. In fact, it’s the reason why I expect Wegmans will continue to lead the market for years to come.