Mark Myerson comes to every conversation with alacrity.

"Alacrity: Showing cheerful willingness and eager behavior, like a kid whose mother has told him he can buy anything in a candy store."

Every time we speak, we both end the call laughing at each other’s passion for whatever we’re now tackling, and also laughing at the fact that we just spent an hour selling each other on our ideas, which is unnecessary since we pretty much always love each others’ ideas, if not because they’re good (and many have not been), but because of the audacity behind them.

When I speak to Mark, I’m always reminded of Daniel Burnham’s words:

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency."

Mark, I have fond memories of us in Singapore; planning to revolutionize employee benefits with flexible benefit systems, SmilesTM and health savings accounts, and spending hours eating dim sum or Big Macs (what the hell were we thinking?).

Each time we speak I become more sure of three things:

  • It’ll never get old listening to your new grand plans, and I’m excited to see how you WILL solve diabetes in Asia
  • You’re a hard man to keep pace with when it comes to reading, research and pushing the frontiers of what we know about health. We’ve got a whole team of researchers, and so I’m always amazed at what you cover on your own.
  • We will always want to work together and probably never should! We’d spend too much time hanging out and “selling each other”, and not enough time actually getting things done.

Thanks for your mentorship, friendship, and your kindness and generosity over the 25 years we’ve known each other. I know your passion will never die, and I look forward to being inspired, to laughing and to learning every time we speak. Onwards and upwards, my friend.