It’s one week until the Love Summit, so what an appropriate time to be acknowledging the Love of the team involved.

I only met Samantha Thomas two months ago, which is hard to believe because the Love Summit comes up daily in our office, so it feels like we’ve known each other much longer. Thank you to Mark Hurwich for introducing us. Mark heard me speak at a Conscious Capitalism event and afterwards told me that I MUST attend, and if possible, present at the Love Summit. My reaction was similar to most, “What’s the LOVE SUMMIT?”

Samantha and I spoke a few days later and after a quick conversation, all my questions were answered and I spent the day elated by the vision she shared for this event. So much of our work in the last several years has been focused on the habits at work, that work, to bind people together and ignite success. We just had never found a great way of expressing it, but the mission of the Love Summit does exactly that. In our own words, we’d say, “What the world of work, the planet and people need today is the Mindset of Love that brings the Habits of Love to work, and that unleash the Power of Love to sustain and humanize business!”

We met briefly at the WELCOA Summit where I was a late edition to the speaking roster, so this was a lucky accident. Samantha was gracious enough to invite me to speak at the Love Summit in one week’s time and we’ve been hard at work planning ever since.

While I’m very grateful to Samantha for the opportunity to speak at the Love Summit, today’s VIAL (Very Intentional Acknowledgement of Love) is for another reason; Samantha, the kindness, love and compassion that you show everyone with whom you meet is infectious and has inspired many conversations in our office on the topic, including but not limited to, our daily VIALS. We’re having a lot of fun preparing for the summit and thinking about all the ways in which our work and your mission align.

Thank you for introducing me to John Perkins and many of the Love Summit speakers, and for inviting us to be a part of this event. Yes, there was a love revolution in the 60s, but that was focused on love in life outside of work, while business continued to be driven by greed, profits, or politics.

The Love Summit is the epicenter of the love revolution FOR business. When businesses with a higher purpose finally rule the world and are run by people who lead with kindness and compassion, the future of the planet and humanity won't look so bad after all. Let’s all hope and work towards that happening in our lifetimes.