Our team just returned from the Love Summit in Cincinnati last week. What an awesome event. LPK provide the space and, just WOW. Most people dream of being able to work in an office like that. The facility that housed the Summit itself was enormous and packed with interesting side rooms.

To do justice to a VERY INTENTIONAL ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF LOVE, I would have to write 20 pages, mentioning so many people and all of their loving and generous actions. So, to keep this short, I’ll simply say:

To the organizer: Samantha Thomas you did an amazing job, and your own stand for love and love in action is what made it all possible. I acknowledge you for the labor of love that this summit was, for the hundreds of hours you must have put into planning and executing on this event. Extraordinary.

John Perkins was a positive, grounding force, with many old and new friends in attendance to see him speak and to spend time with him. He truly is one of a kind.

To the speakers: I don't know how Samantha did it, but two full days of speakers and workshops and each one more interesting, moving and inspiring than the next. Thank you for your authenticity, loving, sharing and powerful speaking. 

To all the attendees: As always, you MAKE an event like this. We left with many new friends, hundreds of new ideas based on your feedback, and feeling so alive with the Power of Love to transform the world of business.

Thank you to you all, and with all our love.

The Habits at Work team

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