The founder of Dream Change Inc. and the sponsor of the Love Summit, is John Perkins. He is an economic hitman, Shaman and dream changer for many. For me, the reason for today’s VIAL (VERY INTENTIONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF LOVE), is two-fold.

The first is for John’s commitment to the health of our planet and all its people, for the work he has done in and with the people of the Amazon, and for establishing Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance. His books are not only best sellers, but have also drawn some fierce criticism. To me, criticism is a sign that an author is getting to the truth of the matter. As we say in our business, if you’re not offending some people, some of the time, you’re not trying hard enough. Change requires people to challenge what is so today, and that often creates fear. John, more power to you for this courageous work.

The second is for the wisdom John shared with me in the only, one hour conversation we’ve ever had. We covered subjects from slavery to pet ownership, from his experiences in the Amazon (and mine) to euthanasia, and everything in between. If anyone had been listening in, it would have either been the most muddled conversation they had ever heard or one of the most profound. For me, it was pure entertainment, which hid the fact that I was busy absorbing wisdom from a man who’s seen a thing or two in his life.

John, I hope that’s the first of many great, wild and eclectic conversations we have and I look forward to joining you on one of your next adventures into the Amazon. I’m excited to catch up, hear new stories and drink more wisdom from our conversation during the Love Summit this week.