It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve only ever met Morgan four times. It feels like we know each other so well and have been friends since childhood, which is why he is a fitting choice for today’s VIAL.

It takes a lot of love to let others really get to know you, to be vulnerable and to be trusting, especially when you’ve just met, but I’ve seen that my experience getting to know Morgan is not unique. After spending a few days with him, people leave with a deep sense of connection, renewed love for themselves and the people around them, and with their hopes and dreams brought back to life.

Morgan’s work in personal transformation had that same effect on our group of 30 people when we hired him, and again when we brought him back to Chicago from Amsterdam a few years later.

What a fulfilling life it must be to move from group to group, from city to city, leaving a wake of transformation, excitement and new insights behind for the people that you touch. I appreciate the good work you do for the world, and especially for our little world, so very much.

Like many other VIALS, the reason I chose Morgan is very personal. It is for the good times we’ve spent outside the workshops he ran for us. Our conversations over a few drinks that, despite it being ‘after work’, were just as penetrating, meaningful and moving as the ones we had ‘during work’, and often more so. Although I loved playing sport as a kid, I am never much interested in discussing the latest game or TV series. So, it’s a rare pleasure for me to meet someone like Morgan with whom we can have conversations on everything from astrophysics to the meaning of life, even before our second drink arrives!

Morgan, I’m so glad that Steve van der Watt introduced us. Despite not keeping up with the latest in sports, the trip the three of us took to Ireland with that group of guys to watch the Springboks play the Irish was a blast. I know that when the three of us get together again, the fun will continue as if we were never apart.

Thanks for caring enough to call me on my stories, to stand for my team’s transformation, and for doing it all with an infectious sense of humor, an air of mischief and mystery and the flair of a showman. Now get your butt back to Chicago!